Extrastaff Gears Up For Growth in Townsville

Posted by on 18/08/2017
At a time when North Queensland’s unemployment is the second highest in the state—a mere second to Outback Queensland—Extrastaff have made a successful bid to grow their Townsville presence.

As one of Australia’s leading on-hire recruitment services, with over fifty years’ experience in placing, retaining and developing jobs, the workforce specialist recently acquired over 900 new candidates from within the region.

Specialising in Blue Collar labour, Extrastaff’s growth and commitment to the southeast corner of Australia will be crucial for the employment of locals’ in future regional projects.

Backed by the Australian Chamber movement and Australia’s business experts—Australian Business Solutions Group, Extrastaff’s roots are firmly planted in the belief that with the right commitment, staff and expertise Townsville’s employment and business markets will flourish.

With a number of new projects coming down the pipeline for North and Central Queensland, such as, North Queensland Stadium and Adani’s combined projects, Extrastaff are sitting in prime position to provide a wide range of jobs to Townsville locals.

“We are not only dedicated to getting people in the job—we are dedicated to training and up-skilling each person we contract. We want to ensure our workforce, clients and our community is sustainable and competitive,” says Ms Martin.

Ms Martin is the Extrastaff Branch Manager in Townsville, “Besides it’s not just about the skilled labour that we recruit and staff for our clients. Growing Extrastaff means more people are employed within our office. If we grow, it means more opportunities for people who are interested in recruitment and consulting; we have been growing our in-office staff members and it’s great to have new people on the team,” explains Ms Martin.

Extrastaff are not just specialist providers of manual trades and labour, but also, provide across health support, hospitality, transport and logistics, manufacturing and FMCG, mining and resources, construction and outplacement services.
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