Five Recruitment Problems Every Company Faces Today

Posted by on 06/10/2016
The recruiting industry has seen big changes in the last few years as the economy and technological advances have altered the way many companies hire. Of course, there are always challenges to be overcome, but it's helpful to know about the biggest issues your company could face and how to handle these issues when they arise.

Let's look at five problems every recruiting company faces today.

1. Finding the Right Candidates

Finding the right candidates is a big challenge for recruiting companies today. Your clients need skilled, focused workers, and these people aren't always easy to find. This is especially true with the increased demand for contract workers. The year 2016 has seen higher numbers in contract staffing than we have seen in many years. Recruiting companies can overcome this problem by stepping up their networking and advertising, especially through social media. The farther you can reach, the more quality candidates you'll find. We can help you with this!


2. Candidate Competition

In today’s candidates market more and more graduates are coming out of university, each competiting for the same jobs. So getting the best of the best is paramount, because as we all know, the cost of a bad hire can run into the tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity.


3. Speed

The business world moves much faster today than it has in the past, and a company that can't keep up will surely be left behind. Indecisive managers are one of the biggest reasons that transactions are slowed down. Any delays in hiring could derail your chances of placing a sought after candidate in a position. If you move too slowly, you could miss a great new hire!


4. Antiquated Search Tools

Numbers talk, and if your search tools are antiquated and of little value to your clients, you will find your company falling behind. Ensuring that job orders can post quickly and potential candidates are easily found across the web is crucial to you keeping up with your competition. If you are not familiar with the various social media sites where candidates gather, get familiar with them or get in touch with us and we can help. Good people are hard to find, but are almost impossible to find if your technology doesn’t allow you to utilize the web.


5. Selling the qualities of your team and business

It is important to sell your business' qualities including culture, as this is a key thing candidates look for when joining a new business. Ensuring your business comes accross as stable is also critical, as disorganisation and instability will often drive good candidates away as well as lead to negative word of mouth.
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