Qualities of the Ideal 2016 Job Candidate

Posted by on 06/10/2016
Ideal candidates can be few and far between. This, coupled with the multi-faceted skills they should have means your task as an employer is even hader.

That's why we've identified the top five qualities for you to make life just a little easier:

1. Flexibility:

The ideal candidates will not be a ‘walkover’ (if you can walkover them, so can clients and suppliers), but will have a flexible outlook and be able to change their approach regularly and respond quickly to changes in your business or department strategy that are necessitated by an unpredictable internal and external environment. Flexible staff will make your organization agile and able to quickly respond to market forces.

2. Adaptability:

This is different to flexibility where changes may be temporary or fluctuating. Adaptability is about being able change and let go of an established way of working and to adjust to a new, often radically different way of working for the good of the business. Adaptable people can let go of legacy systems and help your business move forward into the new age; rigid professionals may hold your business back in these circumstances. Seek out adaptability.

3. Intercultural Adaptability:

A recent research report by Booz Allen Hamilton, Ipsos Public Affairs shows that employers are now valuing inter-cultural skills as much as skills and experience. Fifty-eight percent of Australian employers see inter-cultural skills as very important, and in the UK this figure is 70 percent. Inter-cultural adaptability means being able to understand and accept different cultural viewpoints and contexts as well as fitting in with the current workplace culture.

4. Generational Flexibility:

Even though Baby Boomers have just started retiring, we are working in a world with four generations (Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y) working alongside each other from an internal and external perspective. Workers who have the generational flexibility to be able to adapt their communication and collaboration style to suit different generations should be able to collaborate better and be more effective.

5. Collaborator/Team workers:

While focused, committed and cohesive teams are in, silos and isolated teams are out, big time. The efficiencies, mistakes and inappropriate end products that come from ‘siloed’ working can be ultimately damaging. Ideal candidates can form cohesive teams but can come together and work collaboratively across functions as part of the overall business team.

Source: Recruiter.com
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