How to make your business an attractive employer

Posted by on 20/09/2016
Employers who think about attracting and retaining great talent in the same way they think about acquiring customers, and put a similar effort into it, are one step ahead in today’s competitive business world.

If your business is committed to strong employer branding you will stand out in the marketplace. And, importantly you have the ability to create brand ambassadors or brand champions to represent the business.

Here are some tips to assist you achieve the “right culture fit” every time you hire a new staff member:

Build a strong employer brand

Ensure your employer brand is aligned to your consumer brand messages. Employees should be able to articulate the promise your business makes to them – just as they can articulate your company promise to your customers.

Make your employer brand a vehicle to package up what attracts, engages and retains the best talent. This will give you a clear strategy to communicate your identity, your culture, your organisational values and your offerings.

What motivates people to join your company

Analyse information you may already have at hand – employee feedback, employee engagement and culture surveys, focus groups, employee forums, new hire surveys, exit interviews and the like.


Build an image that your place is a great place to work

This is the most powerful tool you have for attracting, engaging and retaining the right talent for your business.

Make the workplace an enjoyable place to be

Make your business a fun place to work, where laughter, fun and a social atmosphere is encouraged. This will cost you nothing. A happy employee is a productive and engaged employee who enjoys coming to work and is more likely to stay.
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